• Introduction
  • Introduction

Cycling a way of life

In Holland there are more bicylces than inhabitants and cycling is such a part of normal life, that we do not even think about it as a possibility of using the bike for Holiday Purpose.

But in fact, a big part of the Dutch population takes their bicycle with them on holidays, they even could not imagine not having their bicycle with them.

Nowadays we are more aware of our environment and our health and we realize that Cycling Holidays are for sure becoming more interesting and attractive than ever. Because there is no better way to discover a country on a bike. It is good for your health, you never will be in a traffic jam, you have no parking costs and it also is a nice way of making new friends. 

At this website we selected some tours for you, that are open for individual registrations wherever you are from. You are welcome to join us on these tours.

These tours are suitable for everyone who likes to cycle and who has a normal condition. But these tours are not only on flat terrain and you will encounter hills and heights. 

The tours will be guided by English speaking guides, GPS tracks and mostly English roadbooks or maps. 

it is possible to rent normal tour bikes and e-bikes for your own comfort.

  • I enjoyed to Danube tour very much- the weather was beautiful- the company was enjoyable. JC. Zeyl, Canada
  • Bob and I think about our adventure frequently including all the great locations we rode thru on our bicycles. L. Carter, USA
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