• Biking levels and safety
  • Biking levels and safety

Biking levels and safety

Fitál Vakanties uses three levels to indicate the difficulty of the cycling tours. Most cycling tours we offer are biking level 1 or 2. These holidays are appropriate for anyone with average physical condition and basic cycling skills.

The length of the stage, the altitude and climate determine the level of your trip. On a hotel-based tour you can choose whether you are going to cycle each day or not. On a round tour the cycle days are fixed. That also is a factor to keep in mind.

(1 km = 0.62 miles)

Biking level 1
The lightest cycling holiday, covering largely flat terrain, suitable for everyone and people of all ages; with distances to 45 kilometers. You spend about 4 hours on your bicycle.

Biking level 2
Suitable for people of all ages. On some days you will be cycling through a windy area or (depending on the tour) may encounter short slopes with differences in heights up to 75 m. or (gently rolling terrain); with distances to 55 kilometers per day. You spend about 5 hours on your bicycle.

Biking level 3
Occasionally longer and steeper slopes without dominating (differences in heights up to 175 m). Daily distances to 65 km.


Is our bike helmet not yet a daily appearance, in the surrounding countries it is the most normal thing in the world. The bicycle helmet protects in collisions but also in a normal crash. A helmet can not prevent an (un) fall, but it can (seriously) limit the seriousness of the head injuries. Wearing a cycling helmet is therefore not that bad. In countries such as Croatia, Austria, Spain and the Czech Republic, there is already a (limited) helmet duty for cyclists.

Overview of bicycle helmet obligation:


Belgium: No
Germany: No (only on a road bike or mountain bike)
Denmark: No
France: Only for children up to 12 years
Greece: No
Hungary: No
Italy: No
Croatia: Only for children up to 16 years.
Luxembourg: No
Macedonia: No
The Netherlands: No
Austria: Only for children up to 12 years
Portugal: Not on a regular bike, but on an electric bike
Slovenia: Only for children up to 15 years
Slovakia: Yes, outside the built-up area (helmet for children up to 15 years old).
Spain: Yes, outside the built-up area
Czech Republic: Only for children and adolescents up to the age of 18.
Switzerland: No (only if at speeds above 20 km / h on the bike)

Overview updated until 28 September 2017

  • I enjoyed to Danube tour very much- the weather was beautiful- the company was enjoyable. JC. Zeyl, Canada
  • Bob and I think about our adventure frequently including all the great locations we rode thru on our bicycles. L. Carter, USA
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